The Vision Vol. 2 Little Better Than A Beast

The Vision Vol. 2

Little Better Than A Beast

Grade: C

The conclusion to the story of The Visions try for a normal family life. I read the first volume previously and really loved it. It was one that was tragic and dark and really stayed with me. I thought at the time it would be a great movie. Unfortunately this one didn’t live up to the first for me.

It’s hard to talk about it without spoiling the first but for me a lot of that depth was gone. The art is still great and consistent. There’s some Shakespeare themes running throughout.

But at this point it just wraps up so typically complete with appearance from The Avengers. I also wasn’t big on the back story of how and why The Vision decided to create this family. Victor Mancha appears. I don’t follow the comics but they do explain who he is and all.

It also felt like there was a “comic” style reason for everything beyond just human mistakes and emotions and tragedy.

Maybe it was just a letdown for me because I had such high expectations. Anyway, it was a great start an interesting idea perfectly creepily executed that just didn’t tie up at all for me.

Recommend: Eh. 50/50. I’d say check out the first one and it’s only a two volume event so you may as well keep going. You may like it better than I did.

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