Wish To Know About The Hidden Trophies Of Uncharted:Lost Legacy? Follow Me Into A World Of Adventure

Gear up, people! Pack your bags for an incredible adventure! We’re about to enter the world of uncharted, to uncover the lost legacy of a once great nation. When I say adventure, it automatically means there are treasure and rewards too. Well, that’s how the laws of an adventure story worked since day 1.

That being said, I’ll be your guide for today. Remember not to fall back and always stick together!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has about 21 hidden trophies. They lie in secrecy across different locations. One might not find it easy to discover them amidst the heat of a battle or completing a task. But I shall now reveal those secrets.

Trophy: The Way Of The Warrior (Gold)

Objective: Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive.
Weapons aside, the stats and treasures shouldn’t be carried over. Hence, the only choice for you is to do stealth take downs; move, hide and attack like a ninja.

Trophy: Getting To Know You (Silver)

Objective: Listen to all optional conversations.
You need to pour in all of your patience for this trophy to be unlocked. There are about 17 optional conversations to listen to. It is advisable to keep a punching bag beside you, so that all the frustration can be focused there. Follow the slogan, “Save controllers”!

Trophy: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (Bronze)

Objective: Use every gun in the game.
As the objective says, fire all the available 24 guns at least once. You need to register the shots fired, for the game to recognize your progress. If you miss any of the weapons, you can always unlock them from the Bonus > Weapons menu after you complete the game. Here is the list of those guns.

Desert 5
Micro 9mm
Para .45
Silenced Pistol

Main weapons:
Arrowhead A3c
Carrigan 53
China Lake GL
Harbinger Sniper
Mazur LDR
Mettler M-30
S-12 Shotgun
Spezzotti 12 Gauge
Type 95
US-AN 12 Auto Shotgun

Special weapons (can’t be unlocked from Bonus menu):
DShK – get from an armoured enemy in Chapter 7
Turret – used automatically in Chapter 9

Chapter 2 – Infiltration

Trophy: Drop Me a Line (Bronze)

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Objective: Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city
There are four zip-lines in total. The first one can be encountered at the start of the chapter. Two others can be found during an action sequence towards the end. That leaves us with one more zip-line. You can find it just after the fist fight with three enemies. Go straight ahead when you land on the next rooftop and jump to the neon signs. Then on the next rooftop take the left-hand route through the clotheslines to find the zip-line. When you slide down the final line to end the chapter the trophy will unlock.
Extra fact: Those words on the sign board translate to, “Super market” in the south Indian language of Tamil.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming

Trophy:  Were You Counting? (Bronze)

Objective: Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip.
When you attach the winch to the gate you’ll get ambushed, giving you the first chance to fire your weapon. Don’t rush off to finish the enemy. Wait until you are down to the last bullet, then finish him off with a headshot.

Trophy: 4x4x4 (Bronze)

Objective: Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds.
This is the right time for you to apply your GTA skills in Uncharted. You need to use the jeep to run over 4 enemies and defeat them. This objective comes with a time limit and hence you need to search those 4 buffoons and run them over as soon as possible.

Trophy: Now You See Me… (Bronze)

Objective: Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully
The easier translation for this objective is, ‘showcase your ninja skills’. Break your stealth by taking out the enemies in the flooded area and then the ones in the upper ruins. After that, hide yourself out of sight from the remaining enemies, and wait until you re-enter the stealth mode.

Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats

Trophy: Let’s Not Get Caught (Bronze)

Objective: Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats
OH! I forgot to ask you this important question before we began this adventure. Do you know swimming? I hope it’s not too late to ask thi…
*Hears a huge splash behind me, followed by screams*

Trophy: Stunt It! (Bronze)

Objective: Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle
This is probably the one thing you would have never expected. You need to fly your jeep for a minimum of 30 seconds. Look for landscapes that can pop your vehicle up into the air. As a word of advice, this isn’t GTA and hence no backpacks. Don’t go about looking for longer jumps and get yourselves killed.

Trophy: Your Prize (Bronze)

Objective: Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire
We’ve made it this far in this adventure and we deserve a time-out. Don’t expect a chilled beer and a couch. We’re going to relax by the traditional way of yoga. Get to the Hoysala Tower and climb up to reach the main chamber. Once you open all the doors present there, your map will get updated. Keep moving until you reach the top of the tower and wait for Chloe to finish her dialogue. After that, you can start performing some yoga poses.

Trophy: Token For Granted (Bronze) – Objective: Find a Hoysala token
Trophy: Yas Queen (Silver) – Objective: Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby

This is a point where two trophies come together at the same location. Head to the question mark present in the north-east of the map. There’d be a temple called White Monkey Temple. Explore the entire place to begin a side quest for tracking down the Hoysala tokens.

Chapter 5 – The Great Battle

Trophy: Shadow Theater (Bronze)

Objective: Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less
Now that you’ve relaxed by posing like a Shaolin monk on top of a tower, it’s time to give your brain a real test. The shadow puzzle has three levers to pull on either side. Try imagining them numbered 1 to 3 from left to right as shown. You need to pull these levers in the right order for this to work. But don’t fret. I got you covered as your guide. Here is how the solution goes:
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 2: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left
Pull 3: Move Right
Pull 3: Move Left
Pull 1: Move Left

Trophy: Marco Po-No (Bronze)
Objective: Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu
Playing around in a dam’s water is one of the long-time cultures of India. This game brings those tiny pieces together, forming a beautiful scenario for the rest of the world to enjoy. To complete this objective, climb to the top of the dam and jump into the water below. Swerve along the dam to reach a pool, where you won’t be swept away by the water’s current.

Chapter 6 – The Gatekeeper

Trophy: Overkill (Silver)

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Objective: Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation.
Detonation depends on where you place the C4 and your current level. Use the long grasses to move around the place, collecting C4 from crates. Then throw them into the APC and detonate them all at the same time. You need to destroy the APC in the first attempt. If you failed, restart it for another attempt.

Chapter 8 – Partners

Trophy: Cannonball! (Bronze) 

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Objective: Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks
Reach the top of the waterfall and slide down the stream. But before the start of the fall, jump left to grab the wall. Climb the wall to the platform above. From there, shoot yourself to the pool below.

Trophy: Shake For Your Fortune (Bronze)

Objective: Ask Skeleseer a question
There will be a grapple point near a railway bridge. Use the rope to swing around and jump on to the ledge ahead. The Strange Skull you collect is a Skeleseer toy. Then examine the skull using the treasures menu.

Trophy: Right Under Your Nose (Silver)

Objective: Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies
Taking down a helicopter requires an RPG. Go to the Bonus -> weapons menu to equip an RPG. Give the helicopter down a couple of heavy shots.

Chapter 9 – End of the Line

Trophy: Here, Catch! (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive
Hold on, guys! We’re almost at the end of the adventure. You can find jeeps driving alongside the train. Throw an grenade into one of those jeeps to destory it.

And with that objective, our great adventure comes to a halt with a big explosion. You’ll have an amazing story to tell after these moments.

By the way, don’t forget the paycheck for guiding you all the way.





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