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De Nieuwe Nanny (2009)

by Tess Stimson(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 3
9044325019 (ISBN13: 9789044325010)
The House of Books
review 1: I found this to be an enjoyable book of chick lit although when I reserved it at the library I was under the impression it was going to be suspenseful, so in that sense I was disappointed. This is the story of a Type A, successful woman who has given birth to twins and is overwhelmed with the reality. It is told in the point-of-view of the mother, husband and nanny. Some conversations were repeated in subsequent chapters as viewed by a different character which at first threw me but I got used to it.
review 2: This was a great book that kept my attention and had me flipping pages from the start. When a career-minded woman decides to have a baby, there are a lot of changes in her life that she's anticipating. When the baby turns into twins, there are a lot
... moreof changes she's not sure that she can handle. Its a testament to those who are/were unsure whether they can handle having a child and whether those maternal instincts come naturally. Sometimes they don't. Still, through the challenges of being a new mother of twins, running a company of multiple flower shops, maintaining friendships, and keeping true herself, we all learn lessons. less
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I thought many aspects of this book were hilarious, and enjoyed reading it.
Excellent book funny and mostly true to life
good but unnecesary raunch
perfect for the beach!
Cute book.
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