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Last Of The Blue And Gray: Old Men, Stolen Glory, And The Mystery That Outlived The Civil War (2013)

by Richard A. Serrano(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
1588343952 (ISBN13: 9781588343956)
Smithsonian Books
review 1: I remember the spread in Life magazine about the last soldiers to fight in the Civil War. Serrano's book traces them from the early reunions down to the death of the last one. At the time I read about Walter Williams in Life, I knew nothing about the questions of his war time record. It is a bit disappointing to find that he was not what people claimed. I am gld I did not know this when I was ten.
review 2: While the basic premise of the book is interesting - i.e. who was the longest living veteran of the Civil War, and when did he die? - I found the book to be overly repetitive and draggy. It was interesting to consider some of the points the author made about these long-lived veterans. For example, they served in a war with horses, cannons, and musket bal
... morels and yet lived to see a nuclear bomb dropped on a foreign country. That is mind-blowing. less
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I really wanted to like this more, but it was rather poorly written.
Some interesting stuff but overall a monotonous boring book.
civil war buff luv 2 win/read/review this book
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