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The Godfather's Daughter: An Unlikely Story Of Love, Healing, And Redemption (2012)

by Rita Gigante(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
1401938809 (ISBN13: 9781401938802)
Hay House
review 1: I really liked this book. That is, up until all of the faith healing nonsense. I try not to let my atheistic views interfere with any story i read, but I felt like I started reading a completely different book once I hit the spirit chapters. I loved reading about Rita's childhood and her father and what one might go through being the daughter or a mafia boss. That was all very interesting. The rest of the book could fall off the face of the earth and I wouldn't miss it one bit.
review 2: My interest was piqued when my cousin posted something about this book in Facebook recently. Evidently he knows the author. The subject was of interest too since I grew up on the periphery of NYC around the same time as the author, from an Italian family, with family livin
... moreg in little Italy. The book was a fast read and kept me reading. The message of healing, learning and growing is always a good one but I don't buy her final chapter seemingly absolving her father for his sins. But it's her life, who am I to say? less
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Fabulous! I felt as if I was by Rita's side every step of the journey . A Must Read
I loved this book. The book is about healing and I know Rita
I liked the beginning the most. It was interesting.
Excellent book. Thoroughly enjoyed
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