Strained Is The Effort

Nobody knows the strain that goes into each blog I post. I’m am slower than a snail. I confuse my words & forget words completely. I had a small stroke & can no longer remember words or how to make them a sentence. It takes a lot of thought & even looking up what I can’t remember. There will be typos & sentences that don’t make sense. I either edit it or work hard to get it right. It takes time & effort. This is why I don’t do blogs often. If it seems I am doing damn good…that’s the strain & stress of it. I go back & make sure its readable. I guess it don’t matter,cuz I don’t have many readers & sometimes none at all. Or is it just a personal thing I allow others to read? Boring…yeah,I guess it is,but it entertains me,after all the stress & strain. I can look back on it later on & think I did a good job,boring,but well-written…or easy to read…yeah,that’s it.

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