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Rising Sun (2012)

by Robert Conroy(Favorite Author)
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1451638515 (ISBN13: 9781451638516)
review 1: This was a tough assignment to write - worse that Yamamoto having to pick a fight with the US in the real war - particularly from hind-sight. Anyone familiar with the war and the industrial and training programs of Japan and the US knows that the US *in the end* was going to crush Japan. Yamamoto knew it, but really *at the time* no one else knew. The reader knows, though, and that makes the dramatic tension of this book take a beating... you'd really have to dig into the world-view of the characters deeper to carry the idea that Japan was going to win the Pacific War, and that the US might lose it utterly. That was certainly the mindset of the people at the time.
review 2: This book quickly captured my interest. It was a fun read. You are introduced to stereo
... moretypical characters you expect to find in this time / place setting. Knowing the drama / details of the historic sinking of the Japanese carrier fleet at Midway, made me expect more detailed war depictions for the climatic closing of this book. It just left me wishing there was more to read. The book did seem to give the Japanese a bit more credit for their weapons systems than I think they deserved. The early stages of WWII were more about tactics than weapon superiority. I will have to add Robert Conroy to my list of authors for a fun read. less
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It a good quick read of an Alt ww2 book for all my WW2 book nuts out there.
Excellent example of Alternate History - one of my favourite genre
it was good
Well done.
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