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The Book Of Awful (2000)

by Romi Moondi(Favorite Author)
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review 1: While I thoroughly approve of the idea behind this book, it just wasn't as funny as I would have liked. I laughed out loud exactly once and it was at this: "Facebook lets you create an infinite number of albums, so where the cost of film and prints was once prohibitive, now every eye blink is suddenly worthy of exposure. Like the photos from the day I spent walking around. Or the time I got dressed and went outside. Or the morning I had cereal for breakfast. And don’t you ALL want to know which cereal it was? Of course you do---"Multi-Grain Cheerios"."Because it's so true. The humor in this passage is subtle and the author is not trying too hard. Which is untrue of the rest of the book. Yes, the book is dripping with delightful snark, but the jokes just don't quite h... moreit the mark. The formatting was distracting - one-sentence or even one-word paragraphs, parentheticals at every page turn - and made it so that there was little text on each page. This made the book a very quick read (which I actually didn't mind so much... I was kind of glad it was over, actually). Actually, this book would probably have been better suited as a blog than a book.Also, I got very tired of the self-deprecating "humor", particularly about her appearance.
review 2: I laughed out loud... literally!It is rare that I ever laugh out loud while reading a book, but this book definitely delivered on that front, often at inopportune times, like when I was sneaking a quick reading break in the bathroom at work. And now I'm that crazy lady giggling to herself in the stall. Thanks a LOT, Romi! Seriously, though, this book promised to be a spoof of The Book of Awesome and instead of pep-talking the reader in the traditional way, makes us feel better about our crappy lives by creating "what if life was even crappier?" scenarios. What if our nose hair never stopped growing? What if big sunglasses went out of fashion? Our lives would be even more hellish, so be grateful! The humor in this book hit the mark with me about 90% of the time, which was awesome and unexpected. I imagine when you're writing a humor book there is a ton of pressure to appeal to everyone's particular taste, and considering this was so successful, I'm impressed. That's a great ratio of funny, even for my favorite stand up comedians. Some of the jokes about women missed the mark with me, but that's really subjective. I've never been a big primper, so I was like "who cares" about some of the fashion/hairlessness jokes, which I imagine would hit home for others. I did take off a star because there was the occasional weird comma or funky punctuation, but it didn't detract from my reading. It was rare and non-distracting, which was nice. Overall, I really enjoyed myself :). I recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, relaxing read. less
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This book is. . .different. Funny and doesn't hold back. I really enjoyed it.
Good idea...but much like the title, it was awful.
You will laugh at every page!!!;) enjoy
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