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Three River Ranch (2012)

by Roxanne Snopek(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
Entangled Publishing, LLC (Bliss)
Three River Ranch
review 1: Read this a while ago, after internet issues I'm finally able to post my review. So, meh, there wasn't really anything major not to like, but then there wasn't anything major to really like, either. Very predictable, very cookie cutter. It served the purpose of giving me a quick and easy read, but it didn't do much else. I may get around to reading the other books in this series, but then again, maybe I won't.
review 2: Really Sweet story. Rory pregnant and homeless after leaving her cheating fiance decides to answer an ad for a live in caretaker at a ranch. Carson never wanted to be a cowboy like his father tried to push him to be but he did love horse's Mustangs to be exact so he decides to use the land left in his father's will as a Mustang preserve. There i
... mores a hiccup when the land is only his if he marries. Getting to the land he sees Rory and has no idea why she is there. Sparks fly but are uncertain where to go from there. The story progresses nicely and is the start to an exciting series. less
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Hot cowboy & falling in love despite their crappy pasts? Sign me up! Loved this one :)
I was luck enough to win a copy of Three River Rancher! I love the book!
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