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Chasing Bliss (2011)

by Sabrina A. Eubanks(Favorite Author)
4.58 of 5 Votes: 3
0983431175 (ISBN13: 9780983431176)
G Street Chronicles
review 1: I absolutely loved this one… it had everything you could possibly want romance, suspense, murder, drugs, sibling rivalry, and friendship. The name is great and very fitting. I have a book crush on JT, and would love to see what happens with him & Tasha (hint, hint). I absolutely adored the relationship between Chase & Bliss. This was my first read by Sabrina Eubanks but definitely won’t be the last. I also would like to give an honorable mention to G Street Chronicles.
review 2: I love love love this book. Al the sacrificing chase did to protect what was his was amazing. It broke my heart to know that Cyrus killed Corey and did all that terrible stuff to Dee and Bliss. He got what he deserved at the end though and even though it did sound CRAZY I believed
... more Cyrus when her said he as not only his brother but his dad as well. I'm happy that Chase found Bliss and they're happy and have their own family. less
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Chase !!! This book was great, I was so sad to see it end. Ms. Eubanks did a great job.
I read this book twice a must read . starts off alittle slow but wow it is awesome.
This is by far one of the best books I've ever read!
This best book I have ever read!!!!
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