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Stellar Evolution (2012)

by Sadie Grubor(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: "I purchased this book for my Kindle after reading the synopsis and thinking that it would be right up my alley (I'm a sucker for books about music). However, it only took me a couple of pages to realize that this was not only NOT my kind of book, but that I would have to struggle to finish it. Luckily, it was only 52 pages. This was full of spelling & grammatical errors, & it took away from the story. I didn't like it."
review 2: So glad for this follow up story of Chris and Mia. I read Falling Stars this past Fall, and I just stumbled on this story by mistake; I did not realize there was this follow up story. I'm so glad that I found it, because Falling Stars was one of those stories that kept me wondering for weeks after, what happened to the characters of t
... morehis story. One of the things that I loved about the original that this one also followed, was the POV of both the male and female leads of the story. It is always great to see both perspectives. I am also glad to see that Jackson will have a story coming soon. I will make sure to keep watch for that one. I don't want these characters to slip by me again. Thanks for continuing this adventure. less
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its kinda like a short novella.. well maybe it is. a companion novel
I want more!!
Very short xx
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