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Deadly Devotion (2013)

by Sandra Orchard(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0800722221 (ISBN13: 9780800722227)
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Port Aster Secrets
review 1: I enjoyed getting to know the curious and friendly characters in the horticulture town of Port Aster. Sandra Orchard captures the essence of small town relationships where lives seem more transparent yet vulnerable to misunderstanding. Orchard's genius for pacing is displayed once again in this murder mystery romance where affections heat up, cool down and heat up again amidst circumstances that are never quite what they seem. I'm left excited to dig into Book 2 and discover how past pain and mysteries will be redeemed.
review 2: Kate goes vigilanty to discover her friends murderer. Interestingly, she is really very timid and scares easily, but presses on to discover who is involved. Detective Tom tries to set her straight and get her to back off. Then enter a
... morell the suspects. Who can you trust? Kate and Tom even struggle to trust each other. I finished the book thinking this plot is bigger than it appears. Can't wait to get to the sequel! less
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Who did it book. Lots of interesting theories of who killed Kate's friend.
I am amazed this book got published. Poor writing.
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