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Someone Like Her (2000)

by Sandra Owens(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 2
1477820906 (ISBN13: 9781477820902)
K2 Team
review 1: I have not read the first book in this series, which is partly okay because they can be read as standalones. I liked this book. I'm not a huge fan of third person POV but it was okay. The characters were decent, plot decent. I guess I just felt like this whole book was a cliche. So many predictable things happen one offer another, and they all center around Jake and Maria. I guess I like a story with a bit more to it, and not just all relationship all the time. Maybe some more conversations with her brother or sister in law where they didn't talk about Jake at all? Her brother, Logan, and Maria, had a difficult life growing up, and with the whole wanting to find her dad storyline, I think there's a missed opportunity for a really good subplot with her brother. I think I'm ... morejust getting tired from all these books centered on relationships, and nothing else. There is a life outside of a relationship and I want to see that part as well.
review 2: It starts off with a lot of promise, sizzles for a while, and, sadly, fizzles at the end. The sex scenes were mild in language compared to a lot of romances, but the possession, fervor, teasing, and angst sizzled off the pages. The subplot was just okay. The bad guy wasn't fleshed out enough - no personality, little motive, little action, etc to make readers feel any fear. Despite having a horrific childhood, the female MC, Maria, has her life together and proves that success can be forged with hard work and dedication. She's a strong woman in most facets of life, but she's very vulnerable and unsure when it comes to sexuality because her mom was a whore. She's also haunted by the mystery of not knowing her father. She sets out to find her dad & lands herself in a dangerous situation. She calls Navy SEAL Jake, her overly protective brother's employee, to help. She's always wanted Jake, but he is a womanizing Romeo that has no interest in relationships or love... Or so he thinks! A back and forth struggle with lust, love, and forever after ensues as the bad guy threatens Maria, an overly protective brother interjects, and tragedy strikes Jake during a mission. I really liked Maria, and I liked Jake until the last 3/4 of the book. The author did a great job with character development.. I understood them, empathized with them, and rooted for them. However, Jake took a nose dive at the end and just never recovered in my eyes. I understood his commitment phobia and him trying to mentally work through his feelings. I'm all about patience with a good natured bad boy! What I couldn't deal with was his treatment of Maria after the funeral, or rather his reasoning for the treatment and his dumb ass thoughts on what he'd do if she "needed" him in four weeks. He knew at this point he "loved her." She had already confided in him about her sexual insecurity and he had to have known that doing that to her after sex would make her feel like she had done something wrong. It just wasn't the actions of a man in love sparing the woman from himself, but rather the actions of a selfish, scared coward that wanted to have her one last time (even though that would hurt her all the more) and then run off. Still, he made a mistake and I was willing to keep giving him a chance. The final straw was the "why do I love you" scene at the end. It was rude, far from romantic, and negated all the other nice gestures he'd made to redeem himself. All the work the author did to make readers buy into the MC's love was damaged in the tent scene and destroyed in this final scene. The remark favored that what he felt was possessive lust, not endearing love... Kind of making the whole journey pointless:( So, excuse me while I go wash the sour taste ought my mouth. less
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I really liked this story! A classic good guy hero saves the girl. Loved it!
Emotional, Sexy & Romantic!
Absolutely loved it!
Great series.
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