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The Gentrification Of The Mind: Witness To A Lost Imagination (2012)

by Sarah Schulman(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
0520264770 (ISBN13: 9780520264779)
University of California Press
review 1: I loved this book! I hope in the next few years to come more books are written and published about all the people we lost to AIDS. What did we miss from knowing these people? How is the world forever changed without them being here, growing, maturing, aging, coming into their matured selves? If folks have more recommendations on this topic, let me know! Next up is a re-read of Samuel R. Delaney's Times Square Red, Times Square Blue.
review 2: In Schulman's elegantly written book she talks about how gentrification has worked in her lifetime especially in regards to the gay and art and communities. This is a brilliant book which gives the reader a glance into a strong mind. She restores some of the lost history and memory of the dead with clarity. This book has c
... morehanged the way I think about authenticity and falsity. Schulman moves from actual neighborhood gentrification to examine gentrification of creating (Chapter 4), of gay politics (Chapter 5) and literature (Chapter 6). I found her inclusion of her interview and critique of Andrew Sullivan enlightening. She parses the weaknesses in his understanding of himself as an individual who got where he is without community and without benefiting from his gay predecessors. Throughout the book I was aware that I was reading not about an AIDS story or a gay story but about the story of American right now. As Schulman's ends the book, "we don't know who we are." Essential reading. less
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This is seriously one of the best books I've ever read. Friends, read it and let's talk about it!
This book is incredibly important. Read it.
AIDS ruined culture
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