A Getaway | Whispering Palms

I have a beautiful family that loves family time and we’ve gotten used to travelling and just getting away for a week or two for the holidays. Our holiday plans for Christmas/New year did not go as planned and it seemed we were just going to be home. My mom came through with a great idea, GO TO A RESORT.  Our first choice was Inagbe Grand resort but they were fully booked and we resigned to fate. Spent Christmas at home but on Wednesday we left home Whispering Palms, where we spent a few days.

Day 1

We got to Whispering Palms at about six pm. It took them about an hour to get us our rooms which was annoying because I was tired and hungry. Once we were in our rooms, most of us took a shower and then we went for dinner. The food was great.

Day 2

There’s a leak, a lot of  water. Stepped out of the premises with my mom, brother and sister, when we got back they had changed our rooms because of the leak. Spent the rest of the day indoors, only came out for lunch dinner.

Day 3

Stayed indoors until lunch time. After lunch we walked around and explored the premises a bit. Stood by the lagoon, my siblings and mom played bowling in their local bowling alley, it really was local. Slides and swing, went for a boat ride.

Day 4

BEACH DAY! Had fun at the beach, ate suya(I don’t even like suya), chicken, roasted plantain, drank a lot of things, played in the water. I think it was the best day of our little get away.

Day 5

Home sweet home!

It was really nice to leave the hustle and bustle of Lagos for a while, had a really great time. The food was one thing that I really enjoyed, even if my mom thought the food selections were boring, at least they were beautifully cooked.

Have a great week! leave your comments, I appreciate them and will respond to them. 



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