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Parents Behaving Badly (2011)

by Scott Gummer(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 1
1451609175 (ISBN13: 9781451609172)
review 1: I really liked this book. It gave a good look into the dark side of little league baseball( not too much but just enough) The secondary story lines really were good as well with Ben's relationship with friends and family. His relationship with Gilly was great and gave good insight to mind of the middle aged man (oh, come on guys, you know you have thought some of the same things Ben did). I found myself laughing out loud at the jokes and couldn't wait for the story to unfold. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
review 2: If you are a parent with a child in any sport, then you know how badly some parents can act. My son has been a baseball player for years, so I could relate to quite a bit of the scenarios in the book. The kids just want to have fun, but som
... moree parents look at their kid's playing as a life or death experience. I think we all know at least one parent who has exhibited this type of behavior at their children't games. An OK read, but I found it a bit lacking. I started it three times before I could finally finish it. less
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I got a kick out of this book and its take on youth sports and midlife marriage.
Funny,laughed out loud a few times. A bit raunchy in areas, but good.
Easy to read, likable story - I enjoyed the characters.
I finished a book! A book for adults!
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