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North Of Hope: A Daughter's Arctic Journey (2013)

by Shannon Huffman Polson(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
0310328764 (ISBN13: 9780310328766)
review 1: I liked this book a lot, maybe because my Dad is going to be 87 this month and I think about my life without him! This is a heartbreaking story of a daughter dealing with the loss of her father and step-mother, who died when a grizzly bear attacked them while they were camping in the Arctic. Shannon Polson replicates their trip, finds the beach where they were killed and completes the journey they had started. I was in awe of Shannon H. Polson, who is an exceptional person with miltiple talents. She learned to deal with her grief and continue with her life. The story was frightening and inspiring and wwaayy beyond my skill set. I learned a lot about the artic, and the indigenous people and animals of that region.
review 2: In prose as crystalline as the
... moreArctic wilderness itself, Shannon Huffman Polson's North of Hope took me on a journey to a physical place I do not know and an emotional landscape I know only too well. With grace and raw honesty, she shares her story of loss and longing, of eventual and inevitable acceptance, and of the healing spirituality of nature. I felt the warmth of my dying mother's hand as I read Polson's words: It struck me that there is no greater intimacy than sitting with someone traversing that tenuous boundary between worlds, sitting vigil with a spirit trembling on the border, reaching toward the new and releasing the old. It seemed to me that our fragile humanity experiences this intersection only rarely because we are not strong enough to bear it more often, because what we live in those moments will take us a lifetime to begin to understand. A lifetime indeed. North of Hope is a memoir worthy of a long, slow read, a read that allows time for reflection. less
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Fascinating alaska/arctic story w history and present day. skimmed some more lengthy ponderings.
this was well written, I hadn't realized it was a true story till after I started reading it
beautiful memoir of a daughter's loss and search for meaning-very spiritual
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