Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan Spoiler free review

This is the second book in the Magnus Chase trilogy.

I’m going to keep this review spoiler free but I will tell you now that I very much enjoy this series and this book. I would totally recommend it.

Link to Goodreads here and my review of the first book here.

But quick summary of the story: The story picks up a few weeks after the end of the first one and Magnus is still looking for the hammer of Thor. Thor has once again lost his hammer but this time it has fallen into enemy hands. Magnus and his friends try to get it back but in order to do that they have to make a deal with Loki, another one of the enemies. And Loki’s price is very high.


The great things about this book: 

  • It was well written. Rick Riordan’s books are always well written, it’s a given at this point. The descriptions make everything vivid in my head and it makes the books all that better to read.
  • I love all the character, even the ones I hate. I love Magnus especially, he is one of my favourite main characters. I love Alex Fierro so so much. Samirah, Blitzen and Hearthstone are my lovely loves and I adore them so much. They feel like real people to me and I physically care for them.
  • I’m a history geek who loves mythology. I especially have a special interest in Greek and Norse mythology. So it’s very easy to see why I love this series.
  • Annabeth makes yet another cameo.
  • Good things about this book:

  • The plot line is easy to understand but still complex enough not to be too simple.
  • You find information out as the characters find it out.
  • I didn’t ever feel bored at all during this book.
  • Loki is an interesting villain, he makes the story interesting and keeps it fresh.
  • Valhalla ( I didn’t mention this in the first review) is a wonderful place full of blood. It’s an interesting setting just like the Boston area in general.
  • Okay things about this book: 

  • It ends on a cliffhanger and I had to go get the next book.
  • It ends in general.
  • [4.4 stars]


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