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De Niro: A Biography (2014)

by Shawn Levy(Favorite Author)
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0307716783 (ISBN13: 9780307716781)
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review 1: I picked this up and could not put it down. Simply put it is an incredibly thorough and brilliantly realised exploration of the life of one of the greatest screen actors to ever grace the stage. If you are a student of film or acting or you just want to see inside the window of this mans life, grab this book and you wont be able to put it down. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.
review 2: De Niro: A Biography by Shawn Levy is an interesting book for someone who likes movies, who is interested about the different styles of acting, who wants to know how much work actors, directors, producers and other staff puts into making a movie, who likes to read about how movies where made in '60 and how they are made now.It was really good and inf
... moreormative book about Robert De Niro, about his childhood, about his parents, his contemporaries, his families and children. I really liked how in the beginning there are some deeper insights into other actors, directors upbringing and their career and how they influenced or were influenced by De Niro. Although I know who Robert De Niro is (who wouldn't?) but reading this book made me realize I haven't actually seen the movies that made him famous. My firs memories about him starting with Once Up On Time in America (we called it Thrice in America, since in Europe was shown the uncut version all those years ago and the movie was three hours long:)) but I had never seen the Mean Streets or Taxy Driver or Raging Pull or 1900 .... After reading the book I'm trying to remedy this mistake and I'll watch all the classics.When in the beginning there where extra info about the people he has been close with, which I really liked, then closer to the end there where extra info about things I do not want to read in somebodies biography - about some robbers that wanted to get rich easy and some information I consider to personal, to read minute description. Just a mention would have been enough on both cases and more time should have been spent on the recent year's movies, even if they have not been as good as the movies that he has done in the past.Another thing that really started to bother me in the last chapters was that everything about De Niro was in past tense - he was and he did - he still is and he still does and will continue hopefully for a long time. All in all, it's a good book for somebody who knows the actor De Niro, who loves movies and who is interested to know more (not about the gossip, but about the actor) about one of the movie icons of our time. I just wish that the ending could have been in present tense. less
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i was given a copy of the by the publisher and will review this further one i am finished!
Excellent in depth descriptions of how De Niro approached his various roles.
More celebrities should be as private and kind to their coworkers!
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