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Riding Out The Storm (2012)

by Sis Deans(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 3
0805093559 (ISBN13: 9780805093551)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
review 1: Zack is taking the bus with his Gramps to go see his brother Derek, who has spent the last 7 months in a mental institution 5 states away. A chance meeting with a goth-girl a couple years older than Zack make the bus ride a little more interesting, as these two characters develop a friendship and share their troubles in a way they have never shared with anyone else. The story was believable and helps to shed some light on the emotions that teenagers go through when dealing with family issues including, divorce, financial hardships, mental illnesses, and health issues. While the story was believable, it was told from Zack's point of view and an almost stream of consciousness. This was a bit hard for me to read, as his speech pattern was a bit off and he used words such ... moreas "yuh" instead of "you or your" but other times he used the word correctly. Overall a quick and easy read, but I could not quite get into Zack's "voice"This would be a good book for middle grade students.
review 2: Zach is taking a bus trip with his Grandfather to visit his older brother Derek. Derek is mentally ill and this has caused his family to lose their home, their savings, almost everything. On the bus, he meets a girl and the two strike up a friendship. Will Zach tell her what he can’t share with anyone; the truth about his brother? This is a well written story about the toll that mental illness takes on a family, and how our health care system doesn’t support this particular disease. Zach is an 8th grader, but I would refer this to a bit older crowd.Crossposted to kissthebook.blogspot.com CHECK IT OUT! less
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An engrossing, fast-paced, realistic story.
ya, mental illness, family, finding peace
Amazing perspective.
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