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Catch Me If You Can (2011)

by Stacey Espino(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 2
192695016X (ISBN13: 9781926950167)
Evernight Publishing
review 1: I gave this book 4 stars and here is why:How can you not love a book with not one, not two but three sexy cowboys in it. I mean I'm English and it still makes me hot under the collar.The men are sexy but likable and so passionate they certainly brought a whole new meaning to erotic.I will be reading more of Stacey Espino because although the book was kind of short, it was brilliantly written and I don't think I could of stopped if the world was crashing down around me.
review 2: Working in a bank is a good career option, but it sure can be boring. When Christina found that her dearly departed grandmother had left her a two month vacation at a fancy rural spa, she leapt at the opportunity for a break from her humdrum existence. Unfortunately her excitement eva
... moreporated the moment she spied the so-called spa. It looked more like a run down ranch with none of the luxury she had expected. Deciding that perhaps her grandmother knew best, she accepts the offer to stay, at least for the night.The three cowboys on the ranch are almost as mystified as is Christina. They aren't sure what to do with their guest either. Each of the four have relationship issues that they aren't equiped to deal with on their own. Can Christina help the men overcome their hurts and can they in turn help her regain her confidence.I will admit that I was blushing as I read this story. A menage a quatre in not my usual fare when it comes to erotic stories. This was handled in a very caring and loving manner. It was plain to see the relationship develop between Christina and each of the men. This story was more about the love and romance and the threat to their relationships than it was about the physical activity. I would gladly read more by Canadian author Stacey Espino. Stacey also writes m/m fiction under the pen name Winona Wilder. less
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Not a bad read but was lacking something in the story line. Seemed kind of rushed.
I love this book!!! it was a lot of fun to read and the sex scenes were awesome..
A fun read. Totally misleading title though, which somewhat annoys me
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I enjoyed the story.
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