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American Buffalo: In Search Of A Lost Icon (2008)

by Steven Rinella(Favorite Author)
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0385521685 (ISBN13: 9780385521680)
Spiegel & Grau
review 1: Although this book was written before "Meat Eater", I read it after I finished the former book, in large part because of how much I enjoyed meat eater. Rinella's writing style is informative, intelligent, but also engaging and humorous. In American Buffalo, Rinella chronicles a 2005 buffalo hunt he drew for the Copper River herd in Alaska. This is one of the few remaining wild herds of buffalo left in North America and drawing a tag for this hunt is extremely rare (especially since it was the first time he entered). Throughout the story, Rinella takes tangents to personal hunting anecdotes or, more frequently, historical background on the buffalo's history in North America. As can probably be expected, there is also a lot of content of the influence of buffalo on the ... moreNative American people. There are too many facts and interesting tidbits of information to include in a review, but if you are interested in animal biology, archeology, anthropology, Native American/frontier history, hunting, or the outdoors in general then this book is for you.
review 2: This book is so much more than just the shared experience of a hunter's journey after a buffalo in which he was awarded a very rare permit to hunt. In between the tales from his hunt, the author educates us to the histrionic depth and history behind the wild buffalo (aka American bison). The author concludes that the buffalo has survived extinction to serve as a symbolic reminder to our desires, failures and contradictions. A powerful and informative read for any historian or nature lover. less
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Great book about the history of the American Buffalo and the insights of a hunter.
I love outdoor hunting books. So in that sense, this book was awesome.
Very interesting book! I learned some interesting facts!
Very entertaining and educational.
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