A working mums 3 week of school vacation. Working.

Anxious about the holiday.  About working. About where to leave the kids while im at work. What will they do, Where will they go? Planning activities in between work, having a plan of action . this was a regular occurrence at holidays.  including this one.

3 weeks, i thought.. omw what will they do. What will i do. Here comes boredomville, which passes through nagtown, and then gets me at guilt city.

A few days at granma 1,aunt1,granma 2, aunt 2, i thought.Day trips. Play dates with friends. Movies. Relax. Pyjama days. 3 weeks is alot of time to fill up the spaces with.


With Eid having just preceded the holidays , my  kids had collected some “Eidy” from abovementioned family members and others.I had decided to let them spend it as they wish. Without telling them no. Or its too expensive- but merely advising  them.  On the first weekend.they went shopping  and were really excited. they bought expensive and some useless things from shops they wanted to.Not surprisingly for me, they were surprised at how little things theys came back with for the amount of money they had.They had collected a nice fat amount- enough for 3.5 to 4.5 pairs of good shoes.Legos. Fancy pens.Colour pencils.Decor party lights  for the room. Yes – crap lights for R200.  I mean really, they dont even provide enough light to go to the bathroom. Anyways thats what he wanted- i was happy to just be the driver, and the parental accompaniment as chief protector.

First few days in.. they played with lego and the new stuff. They enjoyed being home, relaxing, having an undisturbed sleep, watching tv, and not having the pressure of homework  or extra murals.

Week 2- they accompanied me to my office, and were happy to use MsWord, and the printer. A few days at my sisters place, an outing to a bouncing studio, and some time with the cousins. An afternoon movie after work ( oh the joys ). A weekend away in a hustling joburg “mall” (oh dear).This is actually not too bad i thought.

Jinx. then it starts. the nagging. the boredom. the frustration.the guilt. the tears (mine), and tears held back(my sons), and a kind of sick other child. Coupled with a deadline and an important meeting in the same week. Cancellations on weekly plans. friends that are not around, and that actually go on vacation in the time alotted for it, and not like us in the middle of school term because its much cheaper.The third week made me realise why I like going to work. Why i would rather be there at some times, doing calculations on leases and depreciation, than be home with a nagging child. Being a working mum , in the holidays certainly has it challenges. And challenge me it did. Ive never thought id need to invest in a parenting book- i was doing ok. till now. but im ready. im ready to hit exclusive books parenting isle. and spend the entire day reading there, where my kids or husband wont find me.

Please share with me some of your own parenting tips, coping methods, and strategies in dealing with a 9year old anda 7 year old.


Over and out……



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