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Eastward To Zion (2014)

by Susan Aylworth(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: 3.5 Stars. This story is loosely based off the author's ancestors who migrated from Australia to Utah. I enjoy family history, so this story was a fantastic way to share her family's story. It was an interesting read with dynamic characters who struggle and persevere through good and bad times. It did take me several days to read, so I can't say that it grabbed me and kept me engrossed, but I was definitely interested in finding out what happened. Tho I didn't find it too preachy, there was definitely strong religious themes. As this book seems geared to an LDS audience, that shouldn't be an issue.
review 2: I love historical fiction. This book is loosely based on the author's great great grandparents and takes place mostly in Australia. James falls in love wit
... moreh Eliza the first time they meet. Their love story is met with plot twists and scary moments as they learn about this new religion from America. Choosing faith over fear, they attempt to join with the Saints in Zion. This story had me up all night wanting to know how it would resolve. James and Eliza are an endearing couple and after the first few chapters, I thought I had my own Australian accent. I could feel every emotion they went through as if it were happening to myself. I rejoiced with them when things were going well and I cried when they struggled.Susan Aylworth is a gifted author and having read several of her Rainbow Rock book series, I knew I would enjoy this as well. Excellent read. less
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I especially liked this book because of how she came up with the characters. Great story.
I read two chapters and just do not care for the story. I cannot get into it.
A different pioneer story. Based on the author's ancestors. A good read.
I didn't love the writing style, but this was a nice story.
I enjoyed this book.
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