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Cake Pop Crush (2000)

by Suzanne Nelson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I read this book a couple days ago. The book was very well written. The characters flow smoothly. I read this book as a fun page turner. I like the main character Alicia "Ali" Ramirez. She is this nice and funny girl who likes to make cake pops. She sorta has a crush on this boy named Dane. Ali's friends are Gwen and Tansy. Ali's dad owns the bakery called "Say it With Flour." The shop is in danger of closing down.What I liked about the book was the characters. They have varied personalities and are sometimes dynamic characters. I felt that Ali was a dynamic character because she changed her way when she acted around Dane. Dane also changed and went from mean to nice. His family owns a shop called "Perk Up" which is stealing Ali's customers from Say it With Fl... moreour.The one thing that I didn't like in the book was when Sarah and her friends put black food coloring in their cake pops. Ali thought that Dane did it. But he didn't do it.
review 2: cake pop crush by Nelson Suzanne was a good book if i was to rate it i would give it a 5 out of 5 because it was very detailed in each setting that the character went to and gave me great images in my head of the events that took place throughout the story .the main setting was most likely the say it with flour bakery where the main character Alicia Ramirez spends time practicing her cooking and helping her father out. The main conflict in this book was that her dad was about to close the bakery because they couldn’t fund it, a new flash coffee shop opened across the street and is taking away business, also shes falling in love with the enemy. I would recommend this book to people who like romance, cooking, and sweet joyful books the reason i would recommend this book is because it makes you feel like you were the character like you're putting yourself in her shoes and feeling her emotions. that is why i would recommend this great book to you. less
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I love baking and that I could relate to the main character.
the book was a fun and fast read i like the characters
I love the book it is a very good book.
A cute and easy read for 12+
really good :)
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