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Good For You (2000)

by Tammara Webber(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
Between the Lines
review 1: OH.POR.DIOS. Esta trilogía la tengo desde hace meses y nunca, nunca me convencia de leerla, ahora solo me pregunto ¿porque no lo leí antes? ES UNA HISTORIA PERFECTA. Las primeras dos partes de esta historia solo fueron un pequeño paso para el gran enamoramiento que siento hacia Reid Alexander. El número tres de "Between the lines" se robo mi corazón, me encanto la historia, siempre es interesante y las cosas que pasan son tremendamete inesperadas, me encanto no hay más palabras para describirlo, es uno de mis libros favoritos ahora. (((':
review 2: I really enjoyed the character plot and felt the characters were fairly believable. I wasn't expecting the twist toward the end to find out the leading female character had experienced a pregnancy which she en
... moreded by choice at a very young age. The writing felt smooth and the pace kept my attention for a quick read. The short chapters, vacillating between points of view, allows the reader the advantage of seeing each character's vulnerabilities. less
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still early but i'm beginning to love Dori already
Good story. Teen angst..alcohol..sex..acceptance.
A bit boring but wanted to finish the series
Like the way they matured!
Oh reid
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