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The Love Song Of Jonny Valentine (2013)

by Teddy Wayne(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 3
1476705852 (ISBN13: 9781476705859)
Free Press
review 1: I can't say I'm too impressed. This book was essentially the first chapter (a day in the life of a pre-teen pop star) repeated ad nauseam for what, 300 pages? With the same issues and the same overbearing style of writing and the same sense of "surely this must get somewhere soon". But it didn't. Not really. It reached a weak conclusion in the end, I suppose. The whole thing sort of walked along until it reached the end and then it stopped. Any of the interest I had for it, any of the feeling for Jonny and his sad, secluded life, ended after chapter two. And I can sure say that it didn't leave me with anything other than a sense of relief that it was over. Such a promising cover, too.
review 2: I kept reading, hoping it would turn into something it promised to
... morebe at the start, but never really transformed into. The book's unreliable narrator does not think like a human being. His thoughts sound bland and insincere, and fail to give him the depth that the author is trying to impart on him. It lacks subtlety and is basically shouting at you the whole time to pay attention to it, which is very distracting. The conclusion is lackluster and very, very predictable. I'm glad I dropped the course I bought the book for. less
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I liked this audiobook a lot. It is told from the POV of an 11 year old pop star. Loved him.
Fun, but not much deeper than the targets of the satire.
This was not for me. Ugh.
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