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Love Me Anyway: A Novel (2013)

by Tiffany Hawk(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
1250021472 (ISBN13: 9781250021472)
Thomas Dunne Books
review 1: I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Tiffany Hawk, at another author's book signing a couple of months ago. She was delightful to meet. I didn't know what to expect when she signed the copy I bought that day, as I thought LOVE ME ANYWAY was chick-lit. Yes, I love traveling, and was intrigued by the "coming of age at 35,000 feet" subtitle, but LOVE ME ANYWAY is so much more than what it first seems. It is a story about two women making their way through life as flight attendants, both searching for something more. The journeys they take are compelling, and their characters so real they breathe through each word. I didn't expect a deeper look into the big issues of life, but what unfolds in the pages is that and more. I loved Chapter 7, also, as a stand-alone glimpse at... more life as a flight attendant. But the entire novel must be read. It is so beautifully written. I highly recommend LOVE ME ANYWAY, and I can't wait to read more from the emerging talent of Tiffany Hawk.
review 2: Oh, this is a lovely book! There's so much to enjoy. If you've ever flown on a plane (and who hasn't?), then the details of a flight attendant's life are fascinating and may make us all kinder and more sympathetic the next time we shove trash at one of them and expect them to say "thanks." Mostly, though, it's the characters and story that make this novel so compelling. The two main characters are so well-drawn that they feel completely real on the page, and it's impossible not to feel for their challenges--they are living what seems like a glamorous and exciting life (and in many ways, it is), but they are also stressed, exhausted, scared, uncertain, lonely, and looking for love and stability. The secondary characters are vivid, too, from the old-hand flight attendants who have made a life of constant motion to Emily's dad, who always has to "teach" her to expect the worst out of life. Finally, the story moves so quickly and effortlessly that I raced right through it. less
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I liked it. Good story, good characters. It made me want to hop on a plane and go somewhere.
This writer is the next Penelope Lively.
It was a really good light read
Recommended by EFA.
Good read!
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