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Italië Op Het Spoor. Een Hilarisch Portret Van Een Land In Beweging (2013)

by Tim Parks(Favorite Author)
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Arbeiderspers, B.V. Uitgever De
review 1: I did not finish this book. To be honest I barely made it into it. I was intrigued with learning how the Italians are, but the author had a bit of a negative tone. Due to his tone, I found myself not wanting to pick it up and read... at all. I am getting ready to go on a trip soon and this was actually making me question visiting Northern Italy. There's nothing worse than being all pumped and excited about your overseas adventure and then reading a book that makes the people there sound like self indulged assholes. Maybe the Italians are, maybe they're not. I just didn't want to be jaded before I made it over there so I opted to put the book down.
review 2: Tim Parks, an Englishman living in Italy for over 30 years, describes a number of train journeys he has t
... moreaken around Italy. Parks' anecdotes cover the trains and the stations, the passengers and the ticket inspectors, the history of the railways and the modern political attitudes to rail travel.This is an interesting and quirky look at train travel, more from the point of view of Italian society and culture than a true travel book. Parks observes the Italians with a sympathetic eye, occasionally irritated by the crazy bureaucracy he encounters, but ultimately relating the joy of travelling around his adopted country. There are some interesting historical facts thrown in along the way. The middle section of the book repeats some of the journeys of the first part, but at a later time period. This section dragged a bit, as it seemed a bit repetitive with the same observations being made several times. The final section, however, really sparkles. This covers travel around Sicily and the south, and Parks' appreciation of this unfamiliar region shines through in his descriptions.Overall an interesting angle on Italian life, well worth a look for anyone interested in Italian cultural history, or in trains! less
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Excellent. Just a tad long. A little too much filler. Otherwise highly recommended.
most memorable quote: "Italy is not a country for beginners". So true!!
Good book!
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