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The God Who Smokes: Scandalous Meditations On Faith (2008)

by Timothy J. Stoner(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
1600062474 (ISBN13: 9781600062476)
review 1: This is a book I have enjoyed reading three times. I used to fuss at my children for reading things they like over and over. So many books, so little time you know. Then I read this one and had to read it again, twice. His opening chapters are worth the rating alone. He has the courage to buck the trend toward post-modernism and ask some interesting questions. Do yourself a favor and read it for yourself, at least once.
review 2: Written in the medatative style of Don MIller (Author of Blue LIke Jazz), this book offers 15 essays on topics ranging from "Good Sex, Bad Sex" to "Longing for Home." There is an excellent essay which talks about how Timothy Stoner befriended a militantly homosexual man who contracted AIDS. The heartfelt tensions Timothy reveals
... morea true and helpful Christian response to the homosexual dilemma in facing Christians today. If you enjoy a streaming thought type book written by an author with a solid background, then I highly recommend this book. less
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Intriguing middle ground theology, enjoyable writing style, excellent language and background.
Great read on the emergant church, also on relationships and building ones faith.
read the second chapter last night. v. good, got me to buy the book.
An interesting read.
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