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The Red Prince (2008)

by Timothy Snyder(Favorite Author)
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0465002374 (ISBN13: 9780465002375)
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review 1: Really interesting approach to the history of Central Europe in the 20th century in that it's told not as a "people's history" (the author is no stranger to that format, however) but through the lives the last relevant leg of a monarchist dynasty that was tossed about through changing popular ideology. Snyder's writing is good as always, but I kind of hate the way he gets coy when talking about sex. Anyway, if you want to know some interesting stuff about Austro-Hungarian nobility, the history of Ukraine, and Zywiec beer, this is a pretty easy and short (for historical nonfiction) read.
review 2: Timothy Snyder wrote a fascinating and briljant book on European history. Using the archduke Wilhelm von Habsburg Snyder writes something like an archeology of the pre
... moresent. Snyder sketches a vivid sympathetic picture of the choices which the Habsburgs as leading political elite had to make in the making of modern Europe as a Europe of nations, dismantling the Europe of empire. In the end it puts Ukraine at the center of the European stage, and makes fhe point of the Euroepean Union as the successor or the Habsburg Empire. For anyone who wants to understand the current Ukrainian crisis, The Red Prince is a valuable and entertaining introduction. less
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Sort of a wrap up of what happened to the Hapsburg family near the end of, and after WWI.
Some things were a bit over the top (over-sensationalized), but still a good read.
Not nearly as salacious as the reviews implied. Very history based.
I like reading about Hapsburgs.
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