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Bury Me In My Jersey: A Memoir Of My Father, Football, And Philly (2010)

by Tom McAllister(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0345516516 (ISBN13: 9780345516510)
review 1: Very good read; you do not have to be an Eagles or football fan to enjoy it (but it would probably help). The author's description of the interactions on the EMB (Eagles Message Board) is hilarious, the typical chauvinistic, false bravado, and ill-informed non-sense that can be found on most sports talk boards. But, mostly, it is a series of memories of watching football with his now-deceased father.
review 2: As a diehard Eagles fan, I felt I had to buy this book. It is not long and is easy to read; I connected so much with so many of the Eagle stories/memories he has (that I myself have also) that I seriously felt like I grew up in the same house as him (or he was at least a cousin or something!). Tom describes his pain in vivid detail (that pain that all
... moreEagle fans have had since probably 1960 now, the last Championship) and I found myself thinking, "yes, that is EXACTLY how I felt that day." Some parts brought back memories too painful to want to remember of games blown, etc and others made me laugh out loud. While I was a little perturbed by his memories of his behavior at times (as he relived games he went to, etc), I admired his candidness and his admissions of such behavior. less
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It was entertaining, but it defintely is meant dor men. But men who are Philadelphia Eagles fans.
Just got my hardcopy -- looking forward to seeing how this looks bound in print and all.
five stars, two thumbs up, and an E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES to boot.
Tom is hilarious! This was a very enjoyable book to read.
This is pretty much the best book I've ever written.
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