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I'd Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year As A Rookie Teacher At Northeast High (2012)

by Tony Danza(Favorite Author)
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0307887863 (ISBN13: 9780307887863)
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review 1: I really enjoyed reading this, and truly hope that those interested in bettering education take time to read this, too. Tony Danza sees first-hand how time-consuming and difficult, yet how truly rewarding, teaching can be. Some reviews I have read have been kind of harsh on Mr. Danza, pointing out the fact that he only teaches one class, so it's not "real teaching." While it is true that he teaches only one(double blocked) class, he is a real teacher in that he pours everything he has into learning how to be a good teacher, getting involved in his students' lives to see what makes them tick, really caring about his kids and the school. I admire Tony Danza for taking on this challenge, and think it unfair some of the publicity that he got before the project started, suc... moreh as he was, to paraphrase, simply trying to kick-start his career.I appreciate what Tony Danza did with this project, which is bring to the public's attention what we teachers know very well: our schools need more support than ever before due to so many factors. "The sheer logistics of teaching, counseling, comforting, coaching, and inspiring 150 students each and every day are beyond the capability of most normal human beings...[which is why] teachers and students need help, not accusations and pay cuts." Thank you, Mr. Danza.
review 2: Ok, I'll admit I was skeptical about this book. Tony Danza teaching was just a little far for my mind to stretch but I was incredibly surprised at how all my skepticism flew right out the window in just a few pages. Sure he only taught one class for two semesters and had mentors and assistants helping him all along the way but he honestly portrayed the real struggles he dealt with in the classroom and education system as a whole. You can only imagine what it is like for teachers with full loads and no extra help. Most importantly though you can absolutely see Tony Danza's heart and hear his passion in wanting to help his students. I admire his drive and determination to make a difference. less
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It felt like reliving the first year of teaching all over again. I cried and I cheered.
A good read and nice insight into what it takes to be a teacher.
Grey book I to help motivate me through the end of the year
Didn't expect to love this book but I did.
BIO Danza, Tony .D36 2012
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