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Love With A Chance Of Drowning (2013)

by Torre DeRoche(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1401341950 (ISBN13: 9781401341954)
Hachette Books
review 1: As the sole survivor of a boating accident, I was worried this book would be too confronting for me. Surprisingly, I loved it! Torre DeRoche - thank you for taking me on this journey and for allowing me the opportunity to experienced the magic of the sea and the splendor of your travels - you have great courage. Maybe one day I might be able to put my past behind me and have the courage to sail the waters, albeit not to the extent that you have. Please keep sharing your adventures - I have great admiration for you. Susan Berg
review 2: This book was awesome. I would never in a million years have any interest in sailing across the Pacific ocean, but was it ever cool to read about this woman's experiences doing just that! I especially enjoyed how she wrote in suc
... moreh a way that I never knew what was going to happen. She was writing after all of the events occurred, but I never felt like she knew exactly how much she didn't know, if that makes sense. Very good! less
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A great mix of travel narrative, adventure, romance and suspense!
Great book! I feel like I've been on an adventure. :)
Review to come, but I really enjoyed this book.
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