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Strength In What Remains: A Journey Of Remembrance And Forgiveness (2009)

by Tracy Kidder(Favorite Author)
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1400066212 (ISBN13: 9781400066216)
Random House (NY)
review 1: Deo's story is very inspiring. It did take me two attempts to get past the account of Deo's flee from the genocide in the Burundi region. I credit this to the author's writing that allowed you to feel like you were fleeing with Deo and humanized genocide and all the fear. Deo's experience of homelessness in New York was very insightful and filled with many accounts of people who helped him and unknowingly shaped his future. I found several "favorite parts" in this book. The only negative was that the book is not written in chronological order, so sometimes it is hard to follow and you do not get a true sense of time for how long he lived in a tenement and how long it took him to flee.
review 2: This man's story is completely incredible and it is kind of cr
... moreazy to me that he could endure the process of telling the story enough for someone else to grasp it and write it down. Definitely he is an inspirational individual and gaining awareness of a story like his is an important piece of first world citizens trying to be more globally aware. So this man that is the focus of this book gets five stars, because he is amazing and I am in awe of his courage and perseverance without a doubt. But Tracy Kidder's book about him gets only three stars because the first half is purely Deo's story and it is well written, and then the books devolves into some weird kind of addendum to Mountains Beyond Mountains (I'm guessing, although I haven't read it) that lacks structure and is just extra. I get that there's a leap to be made to get to Kidder's involvement in his subject's life, but it's just not really handled very well and fumbles straight through to the end. I'll read more of Kidder's work because I think it must be better, but too bad about this book because everyone should still read it, and for a story that should be required reading the delivery should be better. less
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Very interesting story about a survivor of Burundi's genocide and his life in the US.
Nonfiction account of a man fleeing Burundi around the time of the Rwandan genocide
Very well written, very interesting, very disturbing, and therefore important.
This is an amazing journey. Very sad.
Amazing book about amazing people
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