Does a healthy(ish) manicure exist?

Sometimes when I think of healthy, I think of it as more ISH. Like being jew-ish. Or self-ish. Because we live in a world where we only have so much time to make decisions to do something big or small and on what level to enjoy life. We have to decide what demons we want to partake in, even though we know there may be a price to pay at some point.

That’s the way I feel about most cosmetics. The reality is that I want to enjoy them, but try to keep them in check too.

I have had two gel manicures and read multiple articles discussing that there are some serious chemicals, one in particular called MMA, as well as the regular exposure to a UV light, that does not make me comfortable getting them regularly. Skin cancer runs in my family. BUT I love the feeling of having seriously tough nails, since my regular polish usually chips instantly.

Instead I tried a dip powder manicure that alternates layers of nail polish appearing chemical with a dip powder (mine was hot pink). Consumer Reports caution to be aware of any chemicals used without labels on the bottles and the nail technician not being too harsh with the electric nail file on the bare nails. Be aware of any too strong odor.

The result…hard not to love. Might even have me okay with being healthy-ish.

My feeling today?

After the manicure, I read that MMA is still in many dip powder products! There is a ton of health research about gel manicures, but very little about dip powder right now. Maybe I’m on the wrong side of the ISH???

Nothing to do, but be cautious and keep an eye out for more data…

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