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Lost Crafts (2009)

by Una McGovern(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 3
0550104267 (ISBN13: 9780550104267)
review 1: I got the impression that the person who wrote this pasted together most of the information from the internet, without going into much depth or putting much passion into it. I was hoping this book would have actual instructions on how to make some of the crafts mentioned, at least at a beginner's level. It has a few, but no more in-depth than stuff I could have found in a basic internet search. Speaking of the internet, they actually include web addresses at the end of chapters. How long are those going to be relevant? There are some interesting photos and some crafts I didn't know about, but I don't think any of the crafts are "lost" and a person is better off just copying down the chapter headings and then googling the stuff.
review 2: I enjoyed this book abo
... moreut a bygone age...It was the perfect, arm-chair read for a rainy and gray spring. It amazes me that it was not long ago that most gifts were handmade and not store bought. "Lost Crafts" catalogs all the different crafts that made perfect gifts: lacemaking, bee keeping (honey), homemade jam and marmalade.My favorite discovery: tussy mussy. The small, Victorian bouquets were given to loved ones with tiny *love* notes inside. Sigh. less
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3.5/5A nice book if you like or are interested in the crafts of times past.
i just saw this at a bookstore and wish i'd bought it.
fantastic insight into classic and lost crafts
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