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Letter Of Love (2011)

by Virginia Henley(Favorite Author)
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Virginia Henley
review 1: I think the author missed an opportunity to make a very intriguing story here.. She had a legacy of women who battled with Honor, spies, a conniving queen and a jilted lover/spy. This had all the makings of a great epic/ series, but when I got to the end it felt like i had just opened my "development" folder read one of my story IDEAS. What I mean is: I'll get an idea and write a very basic rundown of it, and add comments on all the tings that should be explored. so if this was one of mine my notes would look like this.Explore:"love interest" : gives up too easily, potential for drama/conflict."elopement" : conflict for hero, chase to gretna green??book and letter: What's up with the women in the family.. explore the matriarchal "honor"Queen : deeper motivationsall in ... moreall, The story left me feeling like I'd skipped many chapters in a great book.
review 2: This was a very formulaic story: The main character, Burgundy Bedford, is given in an arranged marriage to a nobleman whom she isn't attracted to. Initially she wants to elope with the man that she has been seeing, but ends up following through with the marriage and then falls in love with her husband. I did not find Burgundy's motiviations believable. She is given a book which was passed down through the women in her family, but the author (of the story) doesn't clarify what the book is. The author mentions that Burgundy's original love interest is a spy, as is her father, but this is never developed. This is extremely frustrating. Why is it mentioned? I kept waiting for that to become part of the story.I also had a problem with the name Burgundy. To me that sounds like a title (such as the Duke of Burgundy), so I had a hard time remembering that it referred to a young woman. less
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Not my favorite of Henley's.
Glad this was a freebie.
Lovely book cover.
Far too short.
To short.
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