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Against The Wind (2012)

by Virginia Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
Virginia Kelly
FBI Agents
review 1: He is a 'rogue' FBI agent from the wrong side of town. She is a poor little rich girl who turned school teacher rather than debutante. They had a week long history six years earlier and have now met again. He is on the run, attempting to reclaim his reputation. She decides to assist him. Telling any more would be a spoiler, but anyone with chick lit experience will guess the outcome. It was typical but done with some grace and was easy and quick reading.
review 2: I'm putting down Michael Alvarez and Blair Davenport as another one of my favorite couples, and this book as one of my favorite page turners. However, I was more on the edge of my seat about their relationship than who was out to get him. Because of that the plot became more romance and less sus
... morepense, but that didn't keep me from reading. Story does have sex in it, but nothing so graphic it pulled me from the book. Overall an enjoyable read! less
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Free kindle read. There was nothing wrong with the book, I just didn't enjoy it.
Great Suspense and Love story in one
Hot and intriguing... I loved it.
Absolute crap.
3.5 stars
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