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It's Not My Fault. Self Discovery & Admission (2013)

by Wendi Bear(Favorite Author)
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Also I Hate Donuts
review 1: Arguably the trashiest book I have ever read. Filled with alcohol, sex, alcohol-driven sex and the everyday doings of a self-coined 'dumb slut', this book had the oddest, most cringe-worthy moments (those Olympic Games) to the most aggravating moments where I wanted to jump up and strangle the male characters for being so chauvinistic. In fact, my main problem with the female lead was actually the way she let men walk all over her. Contrary to popular belief, women are people too.Otherwise there were some moments of such randomness I couldn't help but laughing, although at times I was tempted to just throw the book in holy water considering the filth I had just read. Do not take the warnings lightly.Overall a light-hearted, rather tongue-in-cheek and dirty book. I think my... more IQ level dropped a few points after reading (there were some rather horrible grammar issues and oddly synthesised phrases) but if you ever feel your life is a train wreck, read this. You'll feel better very soon.*received with Goodreads First Reads)
review 2: This is a story for the people with a sick and twisted sense of humor. (I am SERIOUS about this people) Through the entire story I only found one Complete Chapter that made me frown with unhappiness and that chapter is (I am pretty sure it is called this) Toys for sale. If you decide to read this story I would suggest skipping that chapter. I almost did but then I couldn't give a fully honest review. If you do NOT have a sick and twisted sense of humor DO NOT READ this book. I am being serious if you don't find the sick and twisted things funny this book is NOT for you. If you do have a sick and twisted sense of humor get ready to laugh so hard it will hurt. One of my favorite quotes from this book is... 'I know what you are thinking, "Who puts a razor in their furbie to begin with?" You are an asshole. I hate you.' If you did not find that quote funny even a little bit I would suggest you NEVER READ this book. I mean really you have to be able to laugh at the stupid stuff and get grossed at by the roaches but laugh over them. less
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Well written, originial, intriguing, and so dirty you'll have to shower after!!!! :-)
I would love it if you sent me a copy and i will definitely do a reviewTara-Ann Smith
A fun book. it's hard to describe it other than that.
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