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Melody Burning (2011)

by Whitley Strieber(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 2
0805093273 (ISBN13: 9780805093278)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
review 1: I'm giving this like a 2.5/3 star rating. In the beginning I was like this is boring I'm not going to like this. Then there were parts where I was like okay this is good, but then I'd get to a part that would make me not like the book. I totally didn't like the insta-love. I'm never a huge fan of that. And the love that was started totally didn't make sense and totally wasn't possible. A boy is hiding in your walls and he comes out to see you and you suddenly love him? And he loves you because he saw you on tv. Just didn't seem plausible. Granted I kind of understand Beresford's feelings just because he's lived in the buildings walls ever since he was little and doesn't really understand how life works. Reading his parts sometimes felt like he was his age, but the... moren other times it felt like I was reading from a 5 year old's perspective. The different perspective parts kind of threw me off. Melody's is in first person. Frank's and Beresford's were in 3rd person. I can't tell why the author would do that. I wish the whole book was in first person. I feel like if it was in first person and a little longer we might have been able to have more of a story and more in depth knowledge of the characters. Now after talking about all the negative's I'm sure if you are still reading you want to know why I rated it more than 1 star. I really liked seeing the relationship between Melody and her mom. I also liked seeing all of the conflict that Melody was dealing with in her life. I liked Beresford's part just for the action of seeing him climb through the pipes/how he survived. I liked Frank's part because he also had his internal conflict that made you care about him and how he was being blackmailed. Overall this book was okay. It wasn't my favorite, but I'm sure if you like contemporary there is a chance that you might like this book.
review 2: I only finished reading this book because I am impossibly hard on myself if I start a book and don't finish it, even if it is crap. And that is exactly what this book is, crap! The writing is absolutely terrible! You can barely keep up with the author and the word structure he uses. Honestly I think I've read better written stories by school children. I had a massive Migraine by the end. Save yourself the trouble and pass this book up. less
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Interesting style, didn't love it but it had a good plot and I liked the ending :)
This book's interesting premise didn't quite deliver. Complete review later.
Kind of short, two only ninety minutes to read. Still, I really enjoyed it.
Very sweet, like a modern retelling of King Kong.
A quick and fun read!
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