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The Best American Travel Writing 2012 (2012)

by William T. Vollmann(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
0547808976 (ISBN13: 9780547808970)
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review 1: This was my first opportunity to read a year of the best american travel writing series. The two articles on northern ireland were important because i am planning to travel there. The segregation behind walls of belfast coupled with the criminal rather than revolutionary aspects of the current crop of ira gunmen have added to my understanding of the culture that continues to impede the resolution of the troubles. I enjoyed the view of the post apocalypse as expressed in the essay about chernobyl. Having watched specials on the quick trips in and out of the city, i was impressed with the folks who stay there particularly the radioecologists. of less interest was the wichita ceremony which moved me from oklahoma to distant points without much continuity. I will go back and f... moreind earlier years of the series.
review 2: Last year's collection was so great! What happened? Most of the pieces included didn't really seem to be about travel per se but more about a sense of place. Which is fine, but I really enjoyed the straight-up travel writing more. However, the two star rating is for the giant sausage fest 2012's collection was. Very few pieces of writing by women here. (I think the grand total was 2.) Really disappointing overall. less
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I like this series. There are several different genres each year. There are some great essays.
Not as good as years past, a number of stories had nothing to do with travel.
Like most anthologies a little uneven. Still, makes me want to TRAVEL. :)
Not the most inspiring choices this year. Kind of preachy. Too bad.
Loved "My Days with the Anti-Mafia" and "The Wicked Coast"
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