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White Bread: A Social History Of The Store-Bought Loaf (2012)

by Aaron Bobrow-Strain(Favorite Author)
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0807044679 (ISBN13: 9780807044674)
Beacon Press
review 1: I stumbled on this book by accident browsing around other foodie sorts of books, but this one was quite the hidden gem. While not always an easy read, I think the ideas this work introduces and explores are very interesting and relevant. The intro gives a very quick survey of the vital importance of bread throughout history and major advances of civilization, but then focuses specifically on various ideas and movements in America. It seems that store bought white bread is a mirror which reflects back the hopes and fears of great swaths of America. From concerns about food safety and purity to concerns about the role of nutrition in wining wars, this book looks at how white bread moved from being a status symbol and something to be made more accessible to the poor and t... morehen weathered backlashes from those who touted the moral, spiritual, and health reasons to turn to browner breads. It seems from the very start, one’s choice of bread could send a message about one’s class, hopes, and even racial biases. While it was at times a dense read, it was a good one and time well spent.
review 2: I know, I know - the only thing that sounds less interesting than eating white bread is reading a history of it. But the truth is that there's a lot about the history of the unassuming little white loaf that you didn't know, and there's even more that it can tell us about how people have pursued dreams of making society better - and achieved results they hadn't intended. Find out how in less than 40 nyears, a product went from mostly being baked in small bakeries and homes to large factories and how the public was convinced toswitch, as well as how sliced bread bcame the greatest thhing since... well, sliced bread, how a favorite artisan bread can be successfully made in a factory and shipped around the world, and more. You may never look at a loaf of Wonder in the same way again. less
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The first three quarters of this were awesome. Maybe I'll get some time to finish it.
This is a really written and thoughtful account of how food becomes a class project.
To the point, following the rise and fall of white bread.
Now I am hungry for a sandwich.
interesting read.....
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