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Wreck You (2000)

by Abby McCarthy(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: 4 1/2 STARSI thoroughly enjoyed Wreck You. It has a good mix of the elements that you would normally get from an mc romance such action, hot sex, and an dirty talking alpha male but you also get a bit of drama that gives it more of a contemporary romance feel. Maura is heroine that you want to like and easily connect with and Corbin, well Corbin Marx is a sexy, tall tattooed alpha male (in a uniform. Do you really need more? The only thing that bothered me a bit about this story I felt the ending was a bit abrupt, another chapter or two would have been great to complete their story. Hopefully they will be in a future book. Bravo Abby she has definitely given us a page turner with her debut and I look forward to the next book. *Copy was given for an honest r... moreeview
review 2: Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a daughter of M.C brother? Well Maura McCafferty knows all to well what that is like. Growing up around a bunch of tough biker men from a very young age caused a little difficulty in Maura's life. Difficulties that were hard to overcome and one Marine that drove up on a bike wasn't gonna make it any easier! Holy cow I loved this book! Abby McCarthy blew me away with her debut! This is a mc story on the sweet side! We meet Maura and I instantly love her, she describes her life as a biker clubber's daughter and has me chuckling away! How amazing is this girl? She is strong, independent, smart and a somewhat girly girl all wrapped in one! "I grew up unconventionally in a motorcycle club with my dad and his friends. life in the club is well, different. I'm sure you can imagine that it isn't always on the up and up, if you know what I mean. ~ Maura Growing up with Mickey, her Motorcycle dad and his friends, which I loved all so much, they are all hard core and grizzly bear like on the outside and marshmellowy on the inside towards Maura! It isn't easy, life could be tough. Maura always felt held back and guarded. Well..... until the day hot hunky sexiness on a stick marine Corbin Marx rides into her life! She lets loose and falls hard! Maura never met anyone or felt this way until Corbin! Did you ever meet someone who you felt you knew forever? Corbin Marx just isn't sexiness on a stick, he's the whole package. Growing up on the same basis as Maura did, they find out they have many things in common. They are so cute and happy together. They both forget about certain stresses in there life and enjoy there time together. But Maura feels a cloud of uncertainty above them and feels a storm about to come How would he take her lifestyle, would he run like the others, would he stay? "As a Marine, we are taught to assess the situation and determine if the risk is worth taking. You are a risk worth taking."~ CorbinThis story is a five star read for me! Abby did an amazing job, I loved the basis of the story, background development was amazing, Character creations were superb I felt attached to the characters as they were my own friends. Especially Jenny, I freaking loved her! All the little funny quirks Abby added had my laughing and OMGing! I have not one thing I would change at all! I recommend this to all readers. This story has it all romance, heat, drama, suspense and an epic OMG NO, at one point! Abby rocked this out and I can not wait till her next book!"I love how you saved me, I was alone in more ways that I ever knew and the day you showed up next door rocked my entire world. I want forever with you. I love you completely. ~ Maura less
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I liked this book. It was fast paced and energetic. Plus, with Corbin, you can't deny a Marine :)
I wasn't sold in the insta-love between the characters. Onto something else.
Wow, wasnt expecting this when a friend recomended, truly enjoyed
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