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Too Fast For Hope (Steel Veins MC, #3) (2000)

by Adair Rymer(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I didn't know this author but she was kind enough to give me an arc for this book so I had to read the other two so I could get a feel for the characters before I read the final chapter in Remy and Star's story. I was drawn in from the first page and could wait to see how the story unfolded. The main theme of MC life being gritty and real came through loud and clear. If you are looking for a story about a couple with a white picket fence your not gonna find it here. I think the maturity Star shows in this ending is epic and shows the depth of this character and her love for all that is Remy makes it an easy read! So grab your eReader a quite space and a couple hours of no distraction and enjoy this ride!
review 2: At the beginning of this book (part 3 in the se
... moreries), Remy is recovering from being "killed" in the last book. He is pretty beaten up and is relying on Star much more, and she settles into her new role as tough biker chick and his (new) old lady. He and Star are still on the run from his club, her life, and many of his club's enemies. But Remy, loyal to what may be his last breath, has plans for the Steel Veins MC members and leadership who have taken the MC into being the baddest of the bad one-percenter clubs; Remy also has plans for the Lobos MC, who have been the enemy of the Steel Veins for a long time. This story is filled with blood, guts, and nastiness -- it's what we readers want when we want to read about what living inside a one-percenter MC is all about. But, then again, Remy doesn't run to the hills with Star even when his MC turns their backs on him and sends out a Kill Team after him (in book 2). He is the epitome of what MCs stand for - brotherhood and loyalty.While on the run, recovering, and then executing his plan, Remy and Star have some very sexy scenes, but their connection runs much deeper than just sex. As Remy thinks about her, "Her arm always wrapped around my chest while she was asleep, like she was afraid she might lose me. It hurt, of course, but I didn't mind the pain. It was better that it did hurt because I didn't know love in any other way. She cared about me more than anyone I'd ever met. It was intimidating but amazing. A sensation I honestly thought I'd never get again."Star continues in her evolution into strong (and deadly) woman, and she connects completely with Remy and his life AND her new life."Remy's path would always be one of violence. I didn't see that changing any time soon, and I realized fully that I was alright with that. I accepted it. I was a part of it now. No guilt, no remorse, and no mercy."It's not only Star who evolves in this third chapter in their story. Remy has to face up to what he is, what he has done, and what he will have to do to bring the Steel Veins MC back to being the club it was in its heydey. This brings him and Star to the end of their story (at least for now if there are plans to continue this series), and I was quite happy to be along for the ride throughout all three books. (Normally, I don't read a series until I know there's an ending or at least a HFN ending, and I am glad that all three books are out now, so whoever picks up this series now can go straight through without waiting on cliffhangers).So, even though there are a few editing glitches, overall the storyline was exciting and honest, the love story strong, and the (HFN or HEA) ending just what I wanted it to be. Thumbs up on this one!Thanks for reading! less
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AMAZING!! This was a great series......this third and final book ended it all with a bang!!
What an awesome ending to a series I just loved it!!!! This is a most read
Loved the exciting end to Remy and Stars bumpy love story!!
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