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The Table Comes First: Family, France And The Meaning Of Food (2011)

by Adam Gopnik(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 1
030739901X (ISBN13: 9780307399014)
Knopf Canada
review 1: I love Adam Gopnik's New Yorker pieces and I also enjoyed his other book Paris To The Moon. This book was dense. His passion for cuisine is obvious, and the history is fascinating, but there is SO MUCH. I had to take it little pieces at a time, so it took ages to get through. Not to say I didn't enjoy the book, in fact, I really loved it while I was reading. For anyone interested in food, in the history behind it, and simply for the love of reading about it, this would be a great book for you!
review 2: I read many of the reviews before starting the audio book. Many reviews gave it low marks, but I still wanted to read it so I pressed on. I stuck with the book losing my way occasionally. in the maze of his over-embellished writing style. I enjoyed hearin
... moreg Gopnik read his work, however I began to tire of him and his writing. Nearly halfway through I called it quits. I don't question his authority and expertise on the Paris food scene, I just got tired of him proving it over and over in oh so many eloquent ways. less
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At its heart a look at the sacredness of the meal. Love the heart, but the peripheral tedious.
Enjoyed some portions of the book but too often the author rambled or repeated himself.
Interesting view of the world with focus on food, modern trends and culinary history
I loved this book. Challenging but enlightening. Am a Gopnik fan.
Like all good writing about food, this is a book about life.
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