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Soul Food The Suprising Story Of An American Cuisine One (2013)

by Adrian Miller(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
University of North Carolina Press
review 1: Excellent job by an intelligent, witty "recovering lawyer." Entertaining and informative, yet easy to read. This guy took time from his professional life to do his homework, visiting every size and kind of soul-food eateries nationwide. He is a true gourmand who has ably conveyed his love and knowledge of various dishes into an educational experience for readers without condescension. In this day and age of a Baby Boomer population exploding into old age, larger type would've been preferred, though.
review 2: Lots to learn about the fusion of West African, Western European, and Native American culinary elements behind the home cooking and comfort food of my childhood. I discovered that some of what I thought were my own Southern family's peculiar tastes (for e
... morexample, accompanying dishes with bites of a fresh raw hot pepper) are actually regional foodways with a long and interesting history. There's lots of important history in the early chapters, too, about how restricting food access and assistance to poor blacks post-Civil War and during the Civil Rights Movement was a deliberate attempt by Southern authorities to undermine political organizing in black communities--which brings to mind the overwhelming present-day rejection by Southern states of federal safety net programs for low-income communities including SNAP and Medicaid expansion. These things aren't unrelated. less
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Great info, recipes look solid (though I haven't tried any yet; just an educated guess).
Some good history of food.
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