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Avoiding Alpha (2014)

by Aileen Erin(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 6
Ink Monster, LLC
Alpha Girl
review 1: Welcome to book two of awesome! Man, this one made my heart hurt. Tessa still hasn't shifted into her wolf form because they just escaped with their lives from the vampers. And now, she's trying to cope, and her best friend is SICK. Except werewolves don't get sick, ever. She's learning she has a true mate in Dastien, and things are getting cray cray. Merideth was cursed by the witches, the coven which her family is part of. And that head witch is a bitch. But in a bad way. And the witches want Tessa, so they are going to make sure she comes back to them, and not stay with the wolves. I dunno who has it worse, Merideth who is dying, but doesn't know it yet, or Tessa, who blames herself because she is the root cause, and can't figure out how to fix it. This one is a little ... moreshorter than the first book, but I swear there is no less heart break, action, and plot twisting. I loved seeing Tessa grow a little more, and seeing her friends rally around her. And now, with this new happening, the witches want her at all costs, even if it means a war with a whole lot of death to do this. Let me also say that maybe don't read this one late at night, because it's seriously suspenseful, will cause tears, and maybe invoke lots of shouting LOL Yeah, I got a little screamy! :) I can't wait to see where this one is gunna go, because now, there's some seriously pissed off witches! :) 5 MOST AWESOME WOLFY PAWS!
review 2: It’s been about seven weeks since Tessa became a werewolf and while she’s come to terms with some of it, she’s still afraid to let her wolf out. She’ll have to change before the upcoming Tribunal and Mating Ceremony in just a few days.But her total focus shifts when her best friend, Meredith, cursed by the local coven to not be able to shift, is suddenly fighting for her life. Her wolf is now fighting to get out and it’s killing her. Tessa is determined to save her life and needs to use her bruja skills—which she’s not been trained for—to either put the wolf back to sleep or break the curse.In this story we learn a little more about the situation with the coven and why Meredith was cursed. We also see Tessa becoming more comfortable with being Dastian’s mate.I’ve read these first two stories back-to-back and can say that I’m enjoying the series. If the third book was already out I’d be reading it next. There are some editing issues, but I like the way the story flows and the things that Tessa works through. The author pulled me in and I was feeling Tessa’s emotions. You might want to have some tissues handy.The story was a little bit shorter than I’m used to for a full-length novel. But the price was good for the length. less
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Another great book by this author I can not wait to read there next one
Nothing like a marathon book reading night! (book 1 and 2)!
Can't wait for the next book.
4.5 stars.
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