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Becoming Alpha (2013)

by Aileen Erin(Favorite Author)
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Ink Monster, LLC
Alpha Girl
review 1: Thanks to NetGalley for the ARCI LOVE this book! From start to finish I couldn't put it down. Tessa's confusion and shame was understandable and she later became a badass. A werewolf/witch is a great combination and you can tell she is going to be a great Alpha. Dastien sounded wonderful but I didn't like how she turned quickly into puddy in his hands, luckily she holds her ground against him when it counts. I hope they explore more of her witch side in the next book. I can't wait to continue with this series!
review 2: Firstly, thank you to NetGalley and Ink Monster for allowing me an ARC of this novel. Also, this is a new author for me. And after reading this novel, she is definitely a new favorite on my list.It's no secret I am a shifter girl. Love, Love, L
... moreove them and this novel did not let me down with the whole werewolf shifters. Not that that is the only supernatural beast in this series. Oh no, we have witches and vampires as well. And real vampires. You know, the gross, disfigured, stinky kind. (laughs) They do not disappoint, at all.Now, we met Tessa, a human girl who is not all that normal. She has a family gift that is tough on her. She is a Psychometric. Which means she gets visions from touching people or object. The poor girl has to wear gloves, endure the kids in her high school who treat her like she is a freak with two noses... and all while trying to adapt and be a productive 17 year old. Though after years of taunting and name calling she is able to push it away but it still hurts. Her mother, Gabby, her father John, and her brother Axel all support and try to keep her calm and safe. She is moving with them to Texas. It's a new start and a way to try and start to live for herself in a new town, a new school and a new Tessa. But is it really that simple?Her brother Axel convinces her 3 days before they move to go into their dads office and touch something for the new school he will be working for. They are trying to figure out why they are all of a sudden upping and moving to Texas. Well she gets a shock when she touches the papers from the school. Her vision comes to life almost. She is in a room with an older man and a younger man. She is drawn to one of them or to the school but why? She sees wolves running around the school.. but really could it be wolves? Her minds just playing tricks on her.Moving day arrives and once they pull up at their new house which is literally in the middle of no where.. (welcome to Texas) she starts to relax. The breeze, the birds, its all wrapping around her and she hopes this will be a good place to start over. Her dads boss, Michael Dawson, (the older man from her vision days ago) is at the house when they get there to greet them. He informs the family that there are in fact wolves running about at night so its best to stay inside. Also he warned them to stay away from the kids that attended St. Ailbe's Academy. The private school her father now worked for. Even though he worked off campus. When his second in command comes to the house to help unpack.... its the younger man from her vision. They make eye contact and Tessa is lost. He consumes her mind. Even with the worry of school starting she finds herself focusing on his face.Well she makes it through the first week of school.. and yeah she survived. It wasn't too bad. She manages to make a few 'friends' and is invited to a party at Carlos's house. Saturday morning, bored and needing a new book to cheer herself up some she gets her brother to go the mall with her. She goes one way, he goes another. But her shopping trip is interrupted by Mr. Tall, dark and sexy. Dastien. The young man from her vision. Its as if she is drawn to him. After a few minutes of talking with him she is flustered and needs ice cream. Then she sees him again... and not even her brother can ignore the fact that she is ogling him like he is a chocolate bar. Later that night she goes to the party with Rosalyn. Well what starts out good sometimes ends bad. Needing air Tessa stepped outside and tries a beer.. yeah yuck. Apparently it tastes like piss so she tosses it into the trees...hitting Dastien. (Peeping Tom much?) He comes over and joins her on the grass. Talking turns to him asking to kiss her, then them kissing.. a growl, a bite on the lip and deep claw marks on her shoulder she freaks but isn't that freaked out. A minute later her life as she knows it is changed. But she doesn't realize it at first. Her friends see her with him, she she is bleeding from a 'scratch' and flip out. Dastien runs off and she's taken home. Needless to say her brother is waiting up and is not happy that she came home bloody and looking like hell. The next morning she has spiked a fever, feels like shit and is taken to the ER. The nurse finds out a boy from St. Ailbe's Academy is responsible for her 'scratches' and freaks out. Then the Doctor freaks out and says there is nothing they can do for her. The Doctor calls Michael Dawson. When he arrives and finds out what has happened he says he needs to take her to St. Ailbe's to watch her adn help her. Well right there in the ER room in front of them all she gets freaked out and starts to change into her wolf. She is tranquilized and when she wakes up again she is in a hospital room. Her need to get out and away is charging her. She hears someone coming to her room so she dresses, knocks out a window and jumps. 3 stories down she lands on her feet in the schools' courtyard. As soon as she sees people staring at her she runs. Full speed to the woods. Wolves howl only pushing her harder. Mr Dawson and Dr. Gonzales run after her. Its not until she is tackled by a big ass naked boy that she stops. Chris, blond adn likes to wink. Yeah that wont flip her out more. As Mr. Dawson and the doctor are trying to calm her down and get her off the ground Chris drops to all fours. Yep that helped a lot. She wakes up to a wolf licking her face. (laughs) Once he is sent away Mr. Dawson and the doctor are able to get her up and convince her to go back inside. There is no escaping. Come to find out.. its a week later. A full week since she was int he ER. She has gone through her transformation and is a werewolf. She is given a dorm room, her books and a class schedule. Shit gets real for her real fast. Her suit mate whom she shares a bathroom is cool though. Meredith is a bit out there, hyper and someone she will be with a lot during the days. They have the same AM schedules.As she adapts to school life in yet another school, The fact that she has a wild raging animal in her, her unbelievable attraction to Dastien and the fact that she is a 'newbie' and a 'bitten' werewolf in a school of born Weres she has to fight to keep herself together. Her wolf is uncontrollable at times. Her rage is out of hand and there are people that want to tear her down. But with the help of her friends she starts to adapt. Dastien stays away, then will show up when she is out of control or upset, make her swoon then disappear again. Tessa is so confused. Though who could blame her. Mr. Dawson, the Doctor and even her friends try to do all they can to help her adjust. But in the end it is Dastien that is the one to really able to show her how to control herself. The bond they share s more than a friend thing. While Dastien and Tessa sit before Mr. Dawson, Sebastian and Donovan (two of the seven--- like the wolf version of political leaders) when they come to see why he bit her she gets a real glimpse at him. His wolf claimed her. He had no control because Tessa is to be his mate. Thankfully Dastien gives her some space, though it causes her to over react about little things and become violent when taunted by the snarky bitch, Imogene Hoel did everything in her power to make Tessa batty. Even caused her to attack her. Tat set of f a chain reaction that had the kids running for their lives. And to save their alpha's from vampires. Nasty mofo's for real. But in this case in the end when all was said adn done, Tessa being the new understanding wolf she was spoke up for Imogene when she was about to be booted from St. Ailbe's Academy. Would we be that big of a person to say, "Hey she wronged me but I can forgive her if you can"? Yeah, I doubt it. This novel had me going from "Oh My God" "What the Fuck?" "Oh Hell no she didn't" to laughing and crying once. Yeah I admit it I did it. But to have as much funny as you do dram and growly moments is a balance not all can achieve. I loved it. And with this being a new author for me it is a big plus. I have added this series to my TBR list as well as the author to my "Must Buy" list. If you like fun, drama and a lot of ass-kicking you will love this series. Fast and awesome is what I say about it. And you know I left out A LOT of awesomeness. Can't tell ya ll the goods at once. You will have to go grab your copy like... NOW! less
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A really fun finding out about the paranormal world book. I loved it! Read in one sitting!
Great book - super quick and easy to read which is perfect when feeding my son at 3am!
My Favorite book i have read. cant wait to read the othefr books in the series
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