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Consent (2014)

by A.J. Rose(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 6
The Grim Writer
Power Exchange
review 1: If you are familiar with this series, you know that police detective Gavin DeGrassi and psychologist Ben Haverson have come through horrific events to become a committed couple in a loving BDSM relationship. Gavin's former police partner, Myah, married his brother and started a family. Myah, a strong willed, no nonsense cop has saved Gavin on numerous occasion. In this book Myah is kidnapped and missing and Gavin comes out of retirement to help find her. This book is hard to read--very hard. It skips back and forth from the brutality and rape that Myah is enduring at the hands of a human trafficking ring to Gavin and Ben's hunt to find her. Make no mistake the violence she endures is brutal, so if this is a red flag for you do not read this book, but the story is a page tu... morerner and more than once I had to lay it down as my heart was pounding. I hated that a strong character was completely broken and I hated that a choice Ben and Gavin made in their personal life seemed out of character with their committed relationship but I loved this book and this series.
review 2: Did I like it? Yes. Was it what I wanted? No not really. I like Myah, I do. She's a great supporting character to Gavin! But, I want Ben and Gavin. I want to read about them being the main focal point of the story! They kind of ended up sharing a book with Myah and Cole. I enjoyed the second half way more than the first half of the story. I really have enjoyed this series! less
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In actuality, HALF a star. This book ... just ... NO! For updates and insight, find me on LM.
Please tell me we get McKnight's story!
Hell with it
*3.5 stars*
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